About us

TANGO Argentina Food has a rich and inspiring history that began in 2000 when Hector (also known as the "empanada man") and Stella (Hector’s wife), a family of Argentine immigrants, set out to share their culture and homeland with the people of St. Louis, Missouri.

It all started in June 2000 with a small booth selling only meat empanadas with the Hispanic Festival at Bissel House. As the love for their flavorful creations grew, so did their dreams. From festivals to opening a carry-out store in 2016 to opening a restaurant in 2021, TANGO Argentina Food faced challenges, but their determination and passion for their craft never wavered.

Through the years, TANGO Argentina Food evolved and expanded its menu, offering a mouthwatering variety of 18 different empanada types, from classic meat to vegetarian and more. The authenticity is preserved with spices and dough imported from Argentina, resulting in a taste that is truly unique in Missouri.

They also expanded their menu to include imported Argentinian sweets throughout the years, from alfajores to dulce de leche to other sweets. They also offer a variety of Argentinian wine and Argentinean beer at their restaurant, all imported straight from Argentina.

As a family-owned and operated business, Hector and Stella pride themselves on creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere, ensuring every guest feels right at home.

Their restaurant is open 5 days a week. And throughout spring and summer, they continue to do around 10 festivals and fairs each year, including Fiesta in Florissant and the Greater St. Louis Hispanic Festival with the Hispanic Festivals.

TANGO has also been featured throughout the years in Sauce Magazine, Feast Magazine, Ladue News, Mid Rivers Newsmagazine, and others. TANGO has also been a finalist for the St. Louis Magazine A-List for Best Latin Restaurant two years in a row (2022 and 2023).

With their dedication, TANGO Argentina Food has become the go-to destination for empanadas in the area, and a place where people can truly experience the flavors of Argentina. From festivals to their restaurant, they have grown alongside the Hispanic community, representing their country with pride and love. As they celebrate each milestone, TANGO Argentina Food continues to be a beacon of culture, hospitality, and deliciousness, sharing the essence of Argentina with the Midwest.